Avoid Common Makeup Mistakes with The Best Makeup Artists In NCR

mistakes with the best makeup artists in ncr

The wedding is one of the most special events in someone's life. As a bride, you would be photographed on this special eve like no other days in your lifetime. Every moment gets clicked on this day from every possible angle. You may feel conscious as well as anxious but it would definitely not help you to look gorgeous. Since it is not tasked to understand the skin types related problems and the best suitable makeup to hide imperfections, anything can go wrong. Only the skilled and professional best makeup artists in NCR can help to avoid trivia make up mistakes on your best day.

Here Is the List of Makeup Mistakes That You Can Avoid to Achieve Your Dream Bridal Look

Not Matching the Shades of Your Body with The Face

Most of the people focus on covering their flaws on their face and neck but often ignore the hands or back. A skilled and professional would give attention to every single detail. Tripti Rastogi being one of the best makeup artists in NCR always averts this type of blunder.

Not Waterproofing the Make Up Properly

Eye makeup plays a vital role for every bride and waterproofing is a must to maintain the flawless look intact. Since the wedding is a series of emotional events but you don't want to stay rigid just for the sake of makeup. Waterproof mascara, kajal, and foundation can save your perfect bridal look without a spectre of doubt. Tripti Rastogi being an expert makeup artist, knows the secret of blending make up with appropriate waterproofing elements so you don't have to hold back your emotional moments during all the rituals.

Waxing Just A Day Before the Wedding

This is one of the biggest mistakes every bride tends to make. The bride wants to feel the skin as smooth as a pearl on the special eve. And, tends to opt for waxing just a day before the wedding. As a result, they end up with itchy and scaly skins, red bumps and other allergic symptoms. As a bride, you should opt for waxing at least 4-5 days prior to your big day. Your skin would have time to feel recovered as recommended by veteran makeup artist Ms. Tripti Rastogi.

Not Performing Touch Ups

It is very crucial to do a couple of touch ups even after the makeup is finally completed. If your makeup artist is not knowledgeable and professional enough the makeup would not stay for long. The perks of hiring Ms. Tripti Rastogi is, she would always do her best to make you look gorgeous with the help of after makeup touch-ups.

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