Tips from Top 10 Makeup Artists in Delhi To Get the Prettiest and Confident Bridal Look

top 10 makeup artists in delhi

The wedding is always a very special and emotional occasion for us because it is a once in a lifetime occasion. Being a lady, we always daydream and undoubtedly plan for this day since our childhood. From wedding outfit to wedding jewellery, from décor to food we ensure everything stays perfect and picturesque. But being a bride is not as easy as it sounds. You need to take care of yourself properly to get the dream look. So, are you feeling anxious already to find a beauty regime on how to pretty and confident? Look no further. While you are busy with your wedding shopping, let us put together some of the tips from Top 10 makeup artists in Delhi:

Eat Healthy to Look Healthy

Your eating habits have a direct impact on your skin. You need to follow a healthy diet plan if you want to be radiant and blemish free. You need to add healthy fats to your diet chart because omega 3 fatty acids can give you much needed younger look. Dry fruits, fish, fresh fruits, egg yolk would fulfil daily need of healthy fats.

Engage in Physical Activities

The workout is not only helpful to get into shape but also tighten your skin. Who does not want a firm look? A good work out regime would also uplift your mood and give you the glow from within.

Sleep For At Least 7 hours

Everyone is aware of the term "sleeping beauty "but never try on them. A person who sleeps for more than 6hours always looks younger than sleep-deprived individuals.

Do A Trial

You need to consult a skilled makeup artist beforehand who would never miss any detail of your flawless bridal look and guide you accordingly to stay gorgeous. Hiring makeup artists is easy but finding a skilled one, is complex. You need to do a trial to fine-tune expectations with the execution. Tripti Rastogi being Top 10 makeup artists in Delhi, would offer you free trials to understand your skin type and what tones suits you better. She would guide you step by step to get a mesmerized look. With the years of experience, she always adds royal artistry to make you look like a true queen on your special day.

Apply Sunscreen to Prevent Damage of The Skin

This is one of the crucial tips one needs to follow every day. We often ignore the importance of sunscreen. But Tripti Rastogi one Top 10 makeup artists in Delhi, has recommended applying sunscreen after daily morning cleanse even if you stay indoors.

Start following these from today onwards, to look your best and fabulous and sweep him away from his feet once more!

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